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Extra safety in the workplace with the 5 finger check

Our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why it’s all the more crucial to raise their awareness of enhanced safety in the workplace. Accordingly, the HSEQ (health, safety, environment, quality) team has launched the 5 finger check.

A simple and catchy safety check
In this campaign to raise awareness, each finger plays its own special role, as each represents a different safety step. Employees should only begin their work when all five short statements can be answered with «yes». This simple and catchy campaign is intended to make day-to-day work safer:

  • Thumb: I know the dangers at my workplace.
  • Index finger: I wear the correct protective equipment.
  • Middle finger: I have the necessary training.
  • Ring finger: My work equipment is ready for use.
  • Little finger: I know the safety rules.

This useful tool can help employees increase their awareness of the necessary safety steps and better prepare themselves for work. After all, there is a particularly high risk of hazards being overlooked during routine tasks.

Enhanced workplace safety: a top priority
The 5 finger check is intended to protect employees from accidents and is available in seven different languages in business card, A3 poster and sticker formats.

Additional measures
In addition to the 5 finger check and an array of training options, additional workplace safety measures are planned. Accordingly, for instance, an HSEQ event is taking place on 18 April (Zurich) and 25 April (Lausanne), where instruction and discussion on topics such as asbestos, electricity, ladders and the 5S system (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain) will take place in small groups.