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Special cleaning – it goes high up

Special Cleaning Central/Zurich was established in 2019 under the leadership of Jessica Keiser, Head of Cleaning, and Ralf Brislinger, Sector Manager Special Cleaning, and has been continuously developed since then.

Started with a single special cleaner, the department now consists of five employees and performs 2,500 working days or approx. 21,000 working hours per year in German-speaking Switzerland. The in-house performance depth is almost 100 %, i.e. practically all work is carried out by Apleona employees, partly with the support of temporary staff

No matter whether the special cleaners work from the bottom up or from the top down, or are even lifted onto a roof with a truck-mounted crane; unusual work locations are part of everyday life.

The orders in the area of special cleaning are as demanding as they are diverse and range from removal cleaning to basic cleaning to annual cleaning in various mandates. The team also professionally cleans underground garages, windows, facades and blinds.

In addition to the usual orders, the pandemic has also increased the number of consultations and the volume of orders related to prevention and disinfection to protect employees in their daily work. Ralf Brislinger and, since 2021, Cornelius Rathmann, Special Cleaning Supervisor, both have hygiene training to become certified disinfectors. The department is thus further expanding its expertise in this area.

The daily routine of the special cleaners is also influenced by, among other things, uncontrollable factors such as wind, weather changes, rain, etc. Despite careful planning, taking into account the ground, the weight of the platforms, etc., unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations can occur. This illustrates how great the responsibility of the employees is for their own safety and that of others. Likewise, the job should be completed without damage to the building structure and the equipment, some of which weighs tons and is expensive. These and other challenges have to be assessed and mastered on a daily basis. With targeted training and further education, all employees are regularly trained and made aware of potential risks. 

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